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I’ve been thirty-nine for several years now, plus a few—okay, maybe more than a few.

I love people of every flavor and all their diversities. I believe that if we all came from the same cookie cutter; the world would be too vanilla.  Butterflies, food and family, and gorgeous billowing clouds, that bring the refreshing sound of rain, top the list of my favorite things. I am absolutely fascinated by the arts. Although it is difficult to choose one medium over another, sculpture seems to have captured my heart above all the rest.
I was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to Southern California in 1994. I studied business in college for two years until I skipped out for a great job opportunity in Manhattan (and, maybe more, for the excitement that went with it). 

Fortunately for me it paid off. I have enjoyed a successful sales career in information technology services. I am now a partner of a small boutique IT company located in Irvine, California, that services corporate America on both the east and west coasts. As a working mom, my life is non-stop. I love running my thirteen-year-old son from school to the baseball fields, and teaching him the wisdom I’ve learned about life, as well as learning from him as I go.  In some ways, I find my time with my son to be more rewarding than anything else.

I love the bright side of everything because I believe you can always find one, if you choose to.